Borys Kosmynka


Pactio is a multi-script typeface family, intended for printing long text passages. It was created with small to medium size printing in mind. Complete family consists of 6 weights in three scripts in Latin, Cyrillic, and Arabic, and a concept for expansion in Hebrew script. The Latin and Cyrillic scripts also have an Italic counterpart in regular weight. While the predominant goal was to achieve smooth reading experience at small sizes, the outlines are aimed to have a clear flavour at display sizes as well. The inspiration for the project were oldstyle typefaces in Latin script. They were chosen based on provided reading experience of humanistic warmth and easy perception by the reader. Similarly, in other script the selected models were chosen based on the reading experience: Naskh style in Arabic, oldstyle Latin model for Cyrillic, Guillaume Le Bé’s model for Hebrew. Pactio is meant to befriend the reader and facilitate the transmission of the message.