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Hidetaka Yamasaki


Clare, Sandberg Grotesque, CarlMarx, Stylus, and Rudolph – these five typefaces are my MATD outcome with the aim of broadening my skills. They have totally different styles; I hope you will find (at least) one favorite.

The pdf specimen shows first some fonts in use examples, and then the specification of each typeface, including concepts, intended use, features, etc.

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Twitter: @zac19931124
Instagram: @hidetaka_yamasaki

1. Clare – clean and clear typeface ideal for journals, such as newspapers and magazines; from delicate regular to vigorous Black, from politics to sport, from body-text to display.

2. CarlMarx – geometric but warm typeface based on a sketch drawn by a German painter who studied at Bauhaus, *C*arl Marx (this image is a pun!); created for Adobe Hidden Treasures Bauhaus Dessau project.

3. Sandberg Grotesque – quirky typeface based on a black face used in Willem Sandberg’s catalogues in 1950s; outstanding feature of tapering serves for display use, but will disappear in small size to turn out a useful text typeface.

4. Stylus – simple, slightly lively text typeface for matching Latin with Arabic in small size.

5. Rudolph – typeface for greeting cards and picture books, a three-day project as the first assignment of the MATD.