Shani Avni


Gozalle is the Hebrew word for a fledgling. It is an exercise in designing​
a typeface family for continuous reading in two scripts. The Hebrew family contains two regular styles, with four weights and a secondary style for word differentiation. The Latin family members are a roman of four weights and an italic.
The Hebrew script differs from the Latin in its opposite direction of writing and stress, the construction of the letterforms, the amount of ascenders and descenders and the lack of capital letters. This exercise explores ways to balance the two scripts.​
In order to correlate between the squared Hebrew and the circular Latin the outer curve is rounder while the inner curve is more square in shape, creating an elliptical counter. In addition, the Hebrew letter height is identical to the Latin x-height, the Latin serifs and the Hebrew instrokes share a common appearance and each script maintains its authentic stress and writing direction.