Gor Jihanian

Armenia | USA

Byron is a multiscript type family aimed at promoting
a rich multilingual typography for Latin, Հայկական,*
and Ελληνικά texts – from the practical to the poetic.

*Note how the default Armenian jarringly contrasts its surroundings.
It is this limited scope that drives Byron’s passion for harmony and expression.

In honour of Lord George Gordon Byron, the typeface traces the poet’s story of self-imposed exile from England to the isles of Venice then to a final resting place on the shores of Greece. It embraces his dichotomy for living a studious life by day (venturing daily to learn Armenian at the island monastery of San Lazzaro degli Armeni) and that of promiscuous concubinage by night.

Striving to find new levels of typographic freedom, the varying styles – Upright, Slanted, Emphasis, Sans, Bold, and Ultra-bold – attempts to expand beyond the traditional roles of type-family, particularly for the Armenian script.

Forms and details are uncovered by pilfering through the relics of cross cultural histories – finding inspiration from the hands of stonecarvers and manuscript scribes to Venetian punchcutters and even to those of the very poet himself.