Sergio Trujillo


From ancient Greek plays and fables to modern novels and television shows, satire has been used as a tool for constructive social criticism. The present typeface is inspired by this rhetorical device, and by its ability to draw attention to particular and wider issues in society.

Satira is a multi-script type family conceived for editorial purposes (satirical journalism). Its big x-height, small ascenders and descenders, and slightly narrow proportions make it a well-suited choice for magazines, newspapers or any kind of space-saving typesetting situations. Certain idiosyncrasies like the construction of the serifs, angular cuts, round terminals, and a slight swelling of the shoulders, aim to bestow Satira with a subtle quirky yet assertive character. With the intention to further enhance its visual impact, these idiosyncrasies are greatly exaggerated within the display version of the family. Satira’s italic counterpart is an angular and flavourful font, which both contrasts and harmonizes with the roman variant.