Riccardo Olocco


Zenon (from Greek: Ζήνων) is the name of the main character of the novel Œuvre au Noir (Marguerite Yourcenar, 1953). He was a Belgian alchemist, physician and humanist of the sixteenth century, interested in the human body. The novel is historically accurate but the main character is fictional. Yourcenar invented Zenon as the sum of historical figures like Erasmus of Rotterdam, Paracelsus, Servetus, but also Leonardo da Vinci and Tommaso Campanella. She picked up details from the life of each of these great men.

Similarly, the typeface I have designed is a sum of different styles, from Francesco Griffo to Granjon, from modern typefaces to the first sketches of Times New Roman. Zenon is an apparently Renaissance revival with modernish proportions. A closer look reveals that it is a typographic potpourri.