Jeongmin Kwon


Ficta is a quirky typeface that captures the motion of the pen. Low junctions, deep top serifs and angularity of the corners are some of its characteristics. Ficta Italic has a slight slant of nine degrees, but it shows a greater cursiveness and angularity than the upright, and Ficta Black is designed for display; it is strong and ­thick and also expresses a different colour and ­atmosphere when used as a title. Ficta Greek is based on the Latin. However, due to the characteristics of the Greek script, it has its own particular features, both curvy and angular at the same time, as seen in ‘α’ and ‘φ’. Ficta Hangul was designed based on the main concern that it should be harmonised with the Latin, in terms of general atmosphere,density and colour as well as alignment between them.

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