Rafael Saraiva

Brazil / Portugal

Serendip was discovered on a nine-month journey throughout seas never before navigated. The type family is intended to compose the canonical texts of Theravāda Buddhism, supporting Pāli language transliterated in Latin and Sinhala scripts. ¶ The Theravāda scriptures, known as Pāli Tipitaka, are compiled of the teachings of the historical Buddha and his disciples in 45 extensive volumes. The project brief outline was to solve this editorial problem by creating a robust book typeface, highly legible for long run text setting. ¶ However, during the journey of discovery, Serendip extrapolated its original proposal with the addition of a comprehensive set of weights. Serendip family is now, unexpectedly, a versatile system which is suitable for a wide range of editorial projects.  ෴෴෴