José Scaglione


An attempt to go back towards the beauty of fine book printing, inspired in Britain’s literary classics. Athelas takes full advantage of the typographic silence, that white space in the margins, between the columns, the lines, the words, the lettershapes and finally, within the characters themselves. It is a typeface with open counters, elegant curves and graceful serifs.

Fluid shapes in its Roman variants meet their counterpart in a more angular italic. Athelas also takes advantage of the great advances and technical developments made in offset printing. Athelas shows its best side in finely crafted book editions and good printing conditions. It has a large character set that covers most of the languages that use Latin script. Although inspired in British literature, this typeface respects the cultural values behind different languages, where diacritic marks have an utterly important role.

Athelas was finished with the collaboration of José’s business partner Veronika Burian, and published in 2008. Immedialtely after that, Athelas caught the eye of app and web developers. It is part of the Readability Project, a browser plug in that allows changing the layout of websites for better readability ( and it was licensed by Apple for its inclusion in the renowned iBook program.

Athelas was part of the Tipos Latinos exhibition 2006, and won the first prize in the text type category of the Granshan competition 2008.