Some well-written essays

A selection of (partial and personal) recommendations for well-written texts on topics unrelated to typeface design. They are useful as examples of structuring a text, and conveying considered, potentially complex arguments with clarity.  They are also a pleasure to read.


Ta-Nehisi Coates, “Letter to my son”. In The Atlantic, 2015

Stefan Collini, “Sold Out”: review of Everything for sale? The marketisation of UK Higher Education by Roger Brown, with Helen Carasso; and The great university gamble: money, markets and the future of Higher Education by Andrew McGettigan. In the London Review of Books, 2013

Ben Goldacre, “What the Tamiflu saga tells us about drug trials and big pharma”. In the Guardian, 2014

Malcolm Harris, “Why Nate Silver can’t explain it all”. In Al Jazeera America, 2014

Anatole Kaletsky, “Wishful thinking”; review of Them and Us by Will Hutton; and
How to save capitalism”. Both in Prospect magazine, 2010

Andrew Marr, “Simon Schama’s eye for a story”: review of The face of Britain: the nation through its portraits by Simon Schama. In Prospect magazine, 2015

George Monbiot, “Mawkish, maybe. But Avatar is a profound, insightful, important film”. In the Guardian, 2010

Jason Pontin, “Why we can’t solve big problems”. In the MIT Technology Review, 2012

and, just because:

Ben Dolnick: “Semicolons: a love story”. In the New York Times, 2012