Selected dissertations and theses

Latin script

Typefaces for Brazilian indigenous languages. Rafael Dietzsch, 2012

Practicing theory: A study of Gerrit Noordzij, teacher. David Cabianca, 2004

The Grover Foundry’s Union Pearl: the first English ornamental script. Sally Castle, 2004

Type design in the age of the machine. The ‘Breite Grotesk’ by J. G. Schelter & Giesecke. Wolfgang Homola, 2004

Designing type: the phototypesetting years. Gabriela Varela, 2004

Problems relating to the translation of a drawn letterform to a digital typeface. Eduardo Berliner, 2003

The lettering on lithographed music title pages of the nineteenth century. Bart Blubaugh, 2003

Oldřich Menhart — calligrapher, type designer and craftsman. Veronika Burian, 2003

Sans serif: the early years. Its evolution as a bicameral style. Sara Soskolne, 2003

Problems of diacritic design for Latin text faces. Victor Gaultney, 2002

Multi-script issues

Considerations for the design of foreign-script typefaces. Thomas Grace, 2003

Arabic script

Simplification and script reform The Arabic script at the turn of the century. Nadine Chahine, 2003

Cherokee script

The typographic inception of the Cherokee syllabary. Patrick Giasson, 2004

Hebrew script

Some guidelines and recommendations for the design of a Hebrew book typeface. Adi Stern, 2003