Latin script typeforms and writing

Core texts

Gerritt Noordzij, The stroke of the pen, Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten, 1982 ; and The stroke: theory of writing, Hyphen Press, 2005

Robin Kinross, “Type as critique”. In Typography Papers 2, 1997


Primary references

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Gerrit Noordzij,  Letterletter: an inconsistent collection of tentative theories that do not claim any other authority than that of common sense. Hartley & Marks, 2000 (Originals in the Department Collections)

—, “Reply to Robin Kinross”. In Typography Papers 2, 1997


Items for discussion

Frank Blokland (ed.), Letters & techniek. Letters, 1990

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Post-seminar discussion references on Michael Twyman’s schema

“A schema for the study of graphic language.” In Paul A. Kolers, Merald E. Wrolstad & Herman Bouma (eds), Processing of visible language 1, Plenum Press, 1979

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“Using pictorial language: A discussion of the dimensions of the problem.” In Thomas M. Duffy & Robert Waller (ads), Designing usable texts. Academic Press, 1985

(MT items in the University Library and the Department Reading Room)


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