Field trip originals

During our annual field trip to Antwerp, Amsterdam, and The Hague we look at a number of original editions. This is a typical list for the collections we visit every year (other locations are added depending on institutional schedules).


Plantin-Moretus Museum

Augustine, De Civitate Dei (1475) Printed by Nicholas Jenson. (c:lvd:3121029)

Pietro Bembo, De Aetna (1495) Printed by Aldus Manutius. (c:lvd:3121038)

Aristophanes, Comoediae novem (1498) Printed by Aldus Manutius. (c:lvd:3002062)

Ambrosius Calepinus and Paulus Manutius, Dictionarium (1558). Printed by Paulus Manutius. (c:lvd:3187527)

Dictionnaire francois latin contenant les motz et manières de parler … (1549) Printed by Robert Estiene (c:lvd:3206457)

Dictionarium, seu Latinae linguae thesaurus (1531). Robert Estienne I. (c:lvd:6531067)

Volume 2 of the Complutensian Polyglot Bible (1517–) (c:lvd:3177705)

Volume 1 of Plantin’s Biblia Regia (1568–1573) (c:lvd:7081133)

Longinus, Peri hupsous (1793). Printed by Giambattista Bodoni. (c:lvd:6164716)


Bijzondere Collecties (Special Collections) , UVA

Augurellus, Iambi, sermones, Carmina (1505). Printed by Aldus Manutius, italic type by Francesco Griffo.

Ludovico degli Arrighi, La Operina da imparare di scrivere littera Cancellerescha (1522). A good facsimile has been published by Dover Books.

Giovanniantonio Taglientem Lo presento libro insegna la vera arte delo excellente scrivere de diverse varie sorti… (1536?).

Giovan Francesco Cresci, Il perfetto scrittore (1571).

Johannes Calvinus, Institutie ofte Onderwysinghe in de Christelicke Religie (1650). Ascendonica Romein type by Christoffel van Dijck.

Jan van de Velde, Deliciae, (1604/5); Spieghel der schrijfkonste (1605); Loose leaf (1621).

Maria Strick, Tooneel der loflijcke schrijfpen (1607).

George Bickham, The Universal penman (1741).

Jan van Krimpen, drawings for Cancelleresca Bastarda (1935?)

Bram de Does, drawings for Lexicon (1992).


Museum Meermanno-Westrenianum

A medieval manuscript, Pseudo-Donatus Exiguus (late 9th century).

Eusebius Pamphili, Chronici canones (c. 1571). Printed by Nicolas Jenson.

Rituale episcopale sive pontificale(1653). Written by Nicolas Jarry.

NCW (NKF)-Catalogue (1928). Type Specimen for the Trio printing house, 1930. Designed by Piet Zwart.

Selection of work by Hendrik Nicolaas Werkman.

Catalogue for the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (1954). Designed by Willem Sandberg.

George Salter bookjackets



Timpanum from the Egmond monastery (c. 1130).

Glasses engraved by Maria Tesselschade Roemers Visser: objects from 1621, 1645, 1625–1650.

Johannes Vermeer: Straatje van Vermeer (c. 1658), Pieter de Hooch: A group of people in the yard behind a house (1663–1665).

Rembrandt: Nightwatch (Nachtwacht) (1639–1642).

Delft blue earthenware with text.

Some paintings by Adriaan Coorte.

Special Collections: jewellery and more Delft blue earthenware and porcelain.


(No list of items for the Enschedé Museum.)