TD resources

A series of pages gradually collecting references actively used in the MATD programme, listed for reference for the TDi+ short course, and intended to be used in the MRes TD programme.


The MA Typeface Design (MATD, for short) was the first MA programme in the field, and the only one operating in a research-intensive university environment. Central to the programme is the idea that typeface design does not exist solely as an area of practice, isolated from its context, but is a…

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The MRes TD is a new programme, targeted specifically at experienced, practicing typeface designers who want to develop a deeper understanding of the historical and theoretical aspects of their field, and gain a research-intensive qualification that allows them to teach a postgraduate level. The programme is structured on a hybrid…

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TDi 2014

The TDi takes the best aspects of the MATD and distills them into an intensive summer course. Our aim is to fit in a short time representative aspects of the full programme, while keeping the quality of the sessions and the level of the discussion at a very high level….

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